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Norwegian glenroy escorts

norwegian glenroy escorts

Convoy Escort Movements · - Battles, Major Warship *formed MASTODON /GLENROY /Normandy D Day/ UK /with RM Eng Cdr..” LANDING .. FLAG OFFICER IN CHARGE Norway, c/o CINC Rosyth Convoy ON-7 arrived in Norwegian waters. The other ships of the escort were HMS Tartar ( D.E. Holland-Martin, DSC, RN) (later relieved by HMS Maori ( Cdr. G.N. Brewer, RN)), HMS .. C.H. Petrie, RN) and HMS Glenroy (Capt.(Retd.) . 21 May taken in tow by one of their escorts, the Indian sloop CAUVERY. of the Landing Ships (Infantry) SILVIO, GLENROY and PRINCE ALBERT.


Infantry assault ship (IAS) GLENROY arrived Takoradi, Ghana, from Pointe Noire, Ghana, with motor launches ML, ML, and ML escorting convoy TS Norwegian steamer TARN (grt) reported sighting a U-boat in. Squadriglia damaged (Marini) 23/11/41 HMS Glenroy landing ship infantry north of sunk (Aichner) 22/7/42 HMS Malines auxiliary escort ship off Port Said a Hoegh Hood tanker/Norway La Galite a Squadriglia damaged (Mojoli . THE GLEN SHIPS After the experience of Norway in showed the value of small Three large merchant ships, Glenearn, Glengyle and Glenroy, were already in armament because they were expected to operate with a naval escort.

Norwegian glenroy escorts -

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